Tomorrow Night Is Earth Hour

Hey there friends! Tomorrow night (March 28th) is Earth Hour! So here is your chance to do your part to save this awesome place we call home. From 8:30pm – 9:30pm shut off those lights, turn off the TV, computer, unplug any chargers that aren’t being used, and light some candles to do your part for the Earth!

The Kamper’s Suggestions For The Hour -
-Talk with those around you with no distractions
-Read a book by candle light
-Pick up that dusty guitar from the corner of the room (if you have one) and have an hour long jam session
-Write a list of goals for the rest of the year
-Have a candle lit bath
-Go for a walk
-Be thankful for this place you call home, and commit to doing this more then once a year =)

All the best =) Your Winnipeg Wedding Photographers Jake + Jess

Jess - Thanks Becky:)

Becky - I have to share this link with you guys from Earth Hour. It shows some of the most famous landmarks around the world fade to black during Earth Hour…Awesomeness!

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